It's all about SERVICE.

Whether we are converting your fabrics supplied or purchasing any of our products service is the key to our success.

With our fully automated machinery we are able to offer rapid turnaround on a wide range of services.

In BIAS we can offer production of your fabrics supplied from as little as 1m sampling up to bulk mill size rolls. BIAS can be cut flat to any width to fit your binding attachment, sewn into corded piping or pre folded for your production to any width required. From our BIAS stock there is no limit to the options available.

In re rolling we can offer an inspection or measuring service. If you require fabrics to have meters verified or faults marked in any width up to 360cm.
Bulk rolls with overweight or diameter problems can be rolled down to meet your production requirements. Whether that be a 50kg roll or as heavy as 200kg we can roll down multiples that you require.

In roll cutting our modernised automatic cutting machine offers us speed, greater yields, accuracy and unlimited options. We believe our ability to cut
bulk rolls over 400cm wide makes us the market leader within the industry.  Our versatile machinery can roll cut "anything on a core / tube". From the lightest binding for ladies apparel to mid range drills and canvas or to industrial fabrics like nomex or mylars we can cut it all. We can roll cut any wovens or knitted fabrics, paper, rubber, pvc or spunbonded.